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Writer's Block: Friends and acquaintences

What differentiates a friend from an acquaintance? When does one become the other?
A friend is someone whom you can trust to be yourself.  An acquaintance is someone whom you can't.

Writer's Block: Pick an era, any era

Given the situations I have placed myself which are practically consequences of earlier decisions, I would say the present era is pretty much interesting. Sometimes, I found it boring if I have to look at the day-to-day living. But the mundane is part of our individual existence in which each of us must live our lives that will eventually lead to something meaningful for each of us.

The emanations of love

inspired from text discussions with shel lim

Love as written, taught, told, watched, advertised, broadcasted requires that one must show through words, expression, showing of concern etc. These came from books, friends, teachers, etc. However, expressing love is different for each of one of us.

Does a mother love less her of children if she can't tell them but shed tears and sweat to make her children survive? Does a person love another person less by not expressing it but being with him or her through the thick of things? Does a friend love less another friend when she or he can't be at time of joy but appears by your side when times are tough?

We all love in our different ways and expressing them can never be standardized. It may cause a lot of misunderstanding but reveals that as each person expresses his own way the love he or she expresses has meaning far beyond what normal ways of expression can deliver. It is nice to hear words or expressions of concern but are they really coming deep from the person sending it?